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Web Design for Kids: Best Practices and Inspiring Examples

By in Web Design on October 5, 2011

Millions of kids are using the Internet, and millions more are coming online each year. Many of the websites specifically target their these young visitors with educational or entertainment content, and many of the mainstream websites often have specific “kids’ corner” sections.
Designing websites for the kids and even for their parents as well as they introduce these website to their young ones is not any easy job, Because like cereal and candy and toy companies learned decades ago, when you’re trying to target something towards kids, it’s the parents that make the final decision.

So what are the main required factors of designing a website that’s family friendly and kid friendly?

Content: The content is main and first thing to be focused and to make sure that your content is appropriately geared towards kids and families. You just don’t have to avoid the bad stuff like alcohol, tobacco and other grown up stuff. But at the same time you have to keep your content informative and engaging to make the parents right decisions and at the same moment you have to keep the things simple and easy to understand for the kids.

Bold bright, vivid colors and images: First thing that attract kids are the bright, vivid colors and then the images and drawings. When designing for the kids you have to keep the colors bright and have to put a lot of attractive images. You can play with the navigation, by using the interesting colorful icons in place of navigational text. Large colorful background could make the look of the website more interesting.

Interaction and engagement: Children don’t want to do intense reading or research; they want to play and be entertained. Colors are necessary but you cannot just get a kids attention by using bright colors, the website should have to be interactive as well. Most of the time kids website are completely Flash based to increase the interactiveness and to engage their users. Making a website in flash can allow you to introduce games, interesting movies and it allows you to add a lot of other interactive features to the website. If the you are not designing the whole website in flash you can keep the it as section in your website by separating the games sections

Here are some examples of the kids and children focused web designs. I hope you will like it and share it with your friends.

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Discovery Kids


Pop Cap Games


CBC Kids








Sesame Street


Yahoo! Kids


Warner Bros. Kids


Ben 10


National Geographic Kids




Fun Brain


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  4. Pingback: Web Design for Kids: Best Practices and Inspiring Examples | Design News

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