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Stunning Horizontal Layout Web Designs

By in Web Design on August 23, 2011

Horizontal scrolling web designs are not for very common type of website. It works good with portfolios of designers or photo galleries, but not so much with word-based websites like blogs or magazines. However people use this kind of website as an extension for their creative work. Here I have collected some fresh examples of Horizontal layout based web design. I hope you will like it and share it with your friends.

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The Art of Re Use


Pour Studio


Ross Gunter




Ryan Todd


Relax, We Are the Good Guys






Marie Saint Pierre




4 thoughts on “Stunning Horizontal Layout Web Designs

  1. 1

    Love the Design Influence. Nice list

  2. 2

    Love this new shift in web design. A usability professor of mine was adamant that this style would never catch on because it made for a confusing user experience. I disagree! I think it makes for a more interesting user experience (and it’s so dang aesthetically pleasing…in most cases).

    As a shameless plug, check out a design blog we created for HDR Architecture. Another example of horizontal scrolling goodness:

  3. 3

    Love these designs. Here’s mine –>

    Oh, thanks for the mention Mustified :)

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