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Friday Inspirations #11

By in Friday Inspirations on July 15, 2011

This post is a part of series called Friday Inspirations. The idea is to share with you inspiring artworks, photography and typography designs + a bonus wallpaper at the end. If you want to participate, just send us, the image’s link which you want to share, via our contact page.

I hope you will love these artworks, and will comment on them. Subscribe to our RSS and follow us on twitter for more stuff like this.

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Click on the images to view their source

Digital Art Inspiration


Photography Inspiration


Web Design Inspiration


Typography Inspiration


The Bonus Wallpaper Pack


2 thoughts on “Friday Inspirations #11

  1. 1

    Girl underwater is awesome, bring more! :)

  2. 2

    I like the web design inspiration. But the header seems too deep and I’m curious how it actually works. Still, very artistic.

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