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Interviews of the Beautiful Female Designers

By in Design, Inspiration on May 18, 2011

You see a lot of designs in your daily life, in form of book covers, magazine fronts, websites or just a T-shirt with some amazing illustration on it, there is always a designer behind these cool designs, but you hardly ever know about them and it could be possible that a beautiful women is behind those designs.

Here in this article I have selected some interviews of the wonderful female designers working around us, you will know a designer who uses Adobe Flash for creating realistic illustrations, you will know a designer who worked with Zynga (Farmville game creators), you will know a beautiful illustrator who is a expert with CSS & html and will know some other beautiful female designers after reading their interviews.

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Interview with Veerle Pieters

She is a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. She went to school in Mariakerke, Gent. She began her career in 1992 as a freelance graphic designer under the name of Duoh.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Liz Lorini

Liz Lorini, aka Miss Kika, is a San Francisco based illustrator and graphic artist. She has been drawing fashion girls since she was a little, which she says was a major influence to kick start her career in art.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Ma. Luisa Gonzaga

Luisa Gonzaga is a freelance artist from the Philippines. With a love for illustration that started as a child, Luisa is a multi-talented artist who specializes in kid-friendly and fashion illustration styles.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Kate McInnes

Kate McInnes (aka LoungeKat) creates a variety of design and illustration work. She is best known for her sensual vector female characters, though also creates logos by day, and works on various creative projects in the evening.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Catherine Dedova

Moscow born illustrator believes that vector is powerful, but it is also limited in artistic tools. In order to have your own style, new ways to use familiar tools need to be invented. Her major at school was not an illustrator but an artist: she studied at the Textile Academy as an artist for clothing.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Mary Winkler

Mary Winkler is from Detroit. She began with pixel art in digital media and became rather interested in other forms (painting, doodling, vector, ect). Not much formal training in terms of digital art, but she did a few years in art school majoring in illustration.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Helen Huang

Helen Huang, a.k.a. CQcat is an illustrator from the US, who is originally born and raised in China. She is a full time designer at an interactive ad agency and has the passion for illustrations. Through her beautiful illustrations, she tries to capture every inspiration she has and shares her vision with the world.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Charlene Chua

Charlene Chua is a Toronto based illustrator and a digital artist. She worked as a graphic designer, a web producer and an interactive project manager before taking the plunge into illustrations full-time. Charlene has a varied and effective commercial style of illustration.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Nastasia

This young lady is a talented vector artist from France. Her conceptual illustrations are vivid, detailed, and full of fantasy characters. Nastastia tells us that her illustrations have stories behind them and that her ideas come from her busy mind.

Read her complete interview.

Interview with Wendy Jim

Wendy Jim aka Rydeen specializes in illustration and color direction. Being a self confessed comic book nut, Rydeen always knew she wanted to be a digital artist and went on to pursue a career in multimedia design.In this interview, Rydeen talks about her work, education, experience and experiments in digital art.

Read her complete interview

Interview with Giulia Balladore

Giulia Balladore is an illustrator based in Italy. She has a extraordinary and hyper-realistic style of illustration which possesses the rare talent of breathing personality and life into her vector drawings. Her illustrations are beautiful, alive and captures the spirit of modern women.

Read her complete interview

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